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About Crescent Elk

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Crescent Elk Middle School

Welcome to Crescent Elk Middle School! 

We believe all students are capable of success. Our goal is to identify and address the needs and strengths of each student in a safe, nurturing and academic environment. We stress the importance of a balanced core curriculum and we provide opportunities to pursue individual interests through a diversified elective program. In order for each student to have a successful experience at school, it is imperative that open communication is maintained between parents and teachers. I would like to address four very important issues that will make your child’s educational experience a more positive one. These issues are not new to education or to Crescent Elk. Daily attendance, homework, dress code, and behavior are four areas that need to be discussed. Each of these issues is very important to the daily activities that take place at your child’s school. They all deserve a little attention from each one of us.

Daily Attendance

By now, we are all aware that attending school is mandatory until the age of 18. We are also aware of the direct correlation between school attendance and student performance. The main reason I am addressing this issue is to encourage your child to attend school every day, on time, ready to learn. Teachers teach something new every day. When the request comes in for work a student missed on a particular day, the teacher puts together a packet of makeup work. What can not be duplicated are the discussions, questions, and answers that were generated through the teaching process. These discussions, lessons, and experiences are vital to the academic growth of every child. If we can do anything to assist you and your student please feel free to call upon us. It would be wonderful to see every child every day to share our educational experience with them all. The district has a new policy with regards to excusing absences. All absences must be excused within 5 days or they will automatically be considered unexcused. Please send a note or call the school if your student is or will be absent.


“I don’t have any homework tonight” is a statement that is false 99% of the time. Your student should have at least 1 hour of homework per weeknight. Each teacher or partnership has a variety of assignments the students are responsible for completing each night, week or grading period. The assignments are found on newsletters, our digital outlets or on the whiteboard in nearly every classroom. Even if there was nothing assigned that day, they probably have a book report, a math test to study for or a science notebook to work on. Doing homework every night also makes students be more responsible for their grades. I cannot tell you how many times I look up a student’s grades on the web and see “0” under homework. It usually is the difference between passing and failing. By being here every day, students gain a clear picture of what is expected of them and what they need to be working on in order to pass each class. I encourage you to communicate with our staff regarding your student’s progress in order to ensure their academic success.

Dress Code

Attendance is mandatory, homework is a big part of the grade a student receives, but enforcing the dress code can really open a big can of worms. It is vital that the dress code, adopted by the school board, be adhered to. As the principal of Crescent Elk, I want to let you all know that as a staff we will be holding the bar high with regards to what is and what is not acceptable school attire. Please know that because we enforce the dress code does not mean we are judging anyone. We are here to show respect to all who attend Crescent Elk, including those who may visit our school for a variety of reasons. Thanks in advance for your understanding of this delicate issue.


One of the most challenging times in a student’s school career is middle school. With so many changes in their lives, proper behavior sometimes becomes an issue. We want to encourage you as a family to sit down and discuss the positive behavior associated with school. We realize that our students have been in school for several years, but the transition to middle school can sometimes be challenging. The classroom is not the only location we want students at their best. We want to see it in the hallways, the cafeteria, the library, and the playground. As situations arise, we will contact you to share the ups and downs of your students' behavior. Please feel free to contact us if you have any issues. We are proud of our school and of our students and want you to know that we appreciate all your support. We want to make sure your child is safe at school and that they feel welcome here each and every day. I would appreciate it if you would review this letter with your student or students so they are aware of the standards they are being held to. Crescent Elk is an excellent school, and the staff and I would like to thank you for supporting our daily efforts. If you have any questions after reading these policies, feel free to give me a call. Thanks for your time.

Paige Swan
Principal Crescent Elk Middle School